My name is Maria Baltazzi, PhD in Conscious-Centered Living.

During these uncertain and stressful times, I am offering all sessions on a donation basis. No one will be turned away because of cost.


At the top of the screen, where it says UPCOMING EVENTS, click a specific date or MORE EVENTS to REGISTER. Follow the blue button prompts.

The online sessions will be via Zoom. You will receive details in your email after you register.

Thank you! Love, Maria

About Picture Happiness: Take a Shot

Several years ago, I was fed up and done. I was working as a television producer (and still do). However, at that time, the demands of producing, along with a tough relationship breakup, took its emotional toll on me. Despite my frustration, overwhelm, hurt, I did not want that moment to define how life was going to be moving forward. Stress and unhappiness were not going to be my way of life -- and so my journey began. Ever since then, I have been studying the art and science of happiness and mindfulness. What I have learned is that a lot of one's happiness depends on the thoughts that paint the images in their head -- this is why I use the name Picture Happiness: Take a Shot. Picture Happiness is a call to action to create positive images in your head. Then, use those positive images to Take a Shot at living the life you want, intentionally, by design.

So today, part of my mission in life is to support others who want to live more fully, with greater ease and purpose.

Picture Happiness: Take a Shot is part of The Sojourn Experience — a conscious-centered company with three portfolio brands. The second is Sojourn Explorers, which curates transformational experiences to extraordinary places around the globe. Part of the money for each trip goes to nonprofit organizations we support. The Sojourn Media Group looks to create partnerships with writers, producers, and directors to get their projects sold to production companies and various platforms.